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At C’ChoColat we aim to create a true Chocolate Experience for everyone who walks into our restaurant, over and above simply providing delicious desserts.



This includes putting quality first, providing a signature atmosphere, thoughtful presentation, and the best possible customer service, all at a reasonable price.


We are an oasis in the desert of adult responsibility and sensibility, giving you a break from life’s many stresses.



Entering C’ChoColat is to step into a culinary playground that will satisfy your inner gourmand while reawakening your childhood love of sweets. Like fine chocolate, the C’ChoColat experience is best shared.


Our story begins on a tropical beach where four long-time friends hatched a dream.


They wanted to have a place where their creativity, sweet tooth and childish whimsy could be satisfied. Each one of our Founders are self-starters with a diverse set of experiences across industries. Combining their talents and strengths, each has had a hand in making C’ChoColat the iconic brand that it is today.


The first C’ChoColat opened in the summer of 2015, and quickly established itself as Montreal’s premier dessert lounge. 


With its urban-chic atmosphere, and its eye-catching and unique plates it has become a popular spot for Montrealers of all ages, with a primary clientele of students and young professionals. In 2017, bursting at the seams with chocolate lovers, the flagship store doubled in size paving the way for sweeter dreams to come.

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